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We welcome you to KUKA Industries  

Laser technology - High technology and more than just a tool

Siince 2005, REIS LASERTEC is working on the integration of laser processing into industrial production flow.

Based on the long-standing experience of our staff in the field of laser technology and the close collaboration between the member companies of the KUKA GROUP we develop innovative solutions for various laser applications.

The use of laser systems not only increases productivity but also allows completely new approaches of processing and manufacturing of work pieces. Laser technology is capable to surpass existing production barriers - and we at the Lasertec division on KUKA Industries are working exactely on this!

The main focus is always on the customer and his requirements. If needed by a task, we do not stick to standard solutions, but rather develop a new, innovative and customised alternative. 

We want our customers to have success! To this goal we unconditionally pledge our Know-How at KUKA Industries and all of our enthusiasm for this fantastic technology.